About Us Jagoff Catchers

Know anyone who’s a Jagoff?  Email us and maybe we’ll post it.

There are a LOT OF GREAT THINGS ABOUT PITTSBURGH, but there are still Jagoffs out there trying to make the rest of us look bad.

Also, for those Pittsburghers that are living in other towns, for now, SURELY you’ve come accross a few Jagoffs in YOUR town.  Well,  we wanna know about’em!!

There won’t be any CYBER-bullying here or nasty name calling but we will call out those who deserve it!

In case ya don’t know what a Jagoff is, CLICK HERE ya Jagoff.

Meantime Go Steelers, Penguins and, yah, even GO PIRATES!!

  • Mari Ehrenberger

    My neighbor is not only a Jagoff, she’s nuts too. Everyday she dresses in a nightgown, stocking cap over a shower cap and boots (meanwhile this is when it was 80 degrees) and lugs out plastic buckets bins chairs and couches and washes them in her back yard, sometimes starting at 6:00 a.m.. After she’s done spraying water all over her plastic and my windows, she throws the remaining cleaning chemicals in MY yard and kills my grass, then flips me off after I say something. Now that’s a JAGOFF.

  • Thanks for the “JagOff” Sweat shirt. I will be plugging your site and the sweat shirt on the next installment of my video blog in the upcoming week. Thanks again!!!

    • Jagoff Catcher

      NP! enjoy…

  • Monica

    SOOO funny!! Thank you for acknowleging the HUGE PGH population of Jagoffs!!! LOve it and keep it coming!!