Hire Us to Create Comedy

Ads with humor tend to have more impact and, the funnier an ad is, is the more memorable it is likely to be.HumorStatisticsMany people watch the big football game each year just as much for the commercials as the game.   Which ads do people, typically, remember most? The ones that make them laugh.

That’s where our group of professional comedy writers comes in.  Comedy writers that have written for local, regional and national outlets who understand how to write comedy that specifically supports your brand and makes it memorable and, in today’s world of social media, SHARE-able.

We’re serious about being funny. Contact us for a project review John@YaJagoff.com.

Specific Offerings:

Pittsburgh Game Show – Hide the Nachos, Beer Can Race, Bobbing for Fries and Kennywood’s Open are all part of this 35-50 minute game show to be performed at corporate functions, clubs and parties or in your driveway.

Appearances – anyone from the YaJagoff Podcast team can host or facilitate your function in a kind, lighthearted way.. you know.. without being a Jagoff!

Personalized Brand Videos – Scripted by our team of jagoffs and tailored to your needs and demographic.

Event Coverage – Pink Carpet, Red Carpet, Black and Gold Carpet or NO carpet, we got ya covered! (see what we did there?). Can include live video streaming.

Live Podcast – let us bring our regularly scheduled guests to your place and record our weekly YaJagoff Podcast. We won’t break anything (too much).

Comedy Writing – We have a team, you need to something funny sooooo….that’s why we have a team! We write while we drink beer/soda and eat pizza/tofu fries and kale.

Social Media Campaign – Unless you’re interested in recording video of you falling off a toilet and posting it on the internet, forget about the “viral” stuff. Let’s design something that works in the long haul.

Spokesperson – have something to pitch or sell in a fun way? Well, we were all terrible at baseball pitching but we can pitch the @#$@ outta your product or service

Recent Projects:

Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania “Golden Ticket” Raffle (3 Videos)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3