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  • I just wanted to leave a little post. You see these jagoffs every single day and have to wonder…have they always been this way? Do they feel entitled ALL the time? It makes me insane! A while back, when I was going to school, my dad took me to class one night at CCAC, south campus. It was a cold and snowy night and my dad, one leg amputated to the hip, and always walking on crutches, parked his car in a handicapped spot and sat in the foyer of the building. When my class was over, we found a ticket on his car. I went to security (with my dad, on his crutches with his ONE LEG) and they told us that because he didn’t have a handicapped plate or placard, he had to pay the 200 dollar fine. Now, talk about jagoff! My dad had pride, he never wanted to be called handicapped. He only parked there because it was a night class and he was cold sitting in the car. There weren’t many other cars around and certainly no one needing that space. I’m pretty sensitive to the needs of people in that situation so today, when I ran across one of our so very entitled jagoffs, I just felt I had to write about it. There are just too many parking jagoffs around, and if I had been able to, I would have a special sticker just for people like this, letting everyone else know what a jagoff they have been!…So, here is what happened this afternoon…keeping in mind my feelings about seeing people that really need these spots….

    Had to stop at the Iggle on the way home today. Casually driving through the parking lot, looking for a spot when I noticed this woman, about my age, (mid 40’s) putting groceries into her trunk. I looked back and noticed that she was in a handicapped spot, and watched while an elderly man, WITH oxygen, puffed and gasped while walking from his car WITH a handicapped plate 6 spaces back from lady in handicapped spot. I stared at her. She ignored me, and the poor little old man puffing along, walking past her. She closed her trunk and RAN across the parking lot with her cart, rolling it into the stall in the parking lot. She was close enough to take it back to the store,…but, no, she must have some problem?? There doesn’t seem to be any reason why this woman is taking up this handicapped space except that maybe she didn’t want to walk, or maybe her butt is too heavy? She didn’t have a handicapped plate, only the placard hanging from her rearview. If I’d had a jagoff sticker, I would have plastered it onto her windshield! She must have realized that I was watching because she sat in the car until I went into the store. So, to the lady who took up a handicapped spot at the Elizabeth Giant Eagle….Are ya lazy? or just a Jagoff!

  • Gary Michaels

    The answer to the Jagoff Peanut Butter Jars, would be to put a second screw-on cap on the BOTTOM of the jar, so when there is just a little bit of peanut butter left at the bottom of the jar, one could screw off the bottom cap and scape up the remainder.