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YJ-Store_IrishShirtPittsburgh Irish Long-sleeve T-Shirt

$20 (XXL and 3XL extra)

This is special order.  Orders taken until February 26th and then shipped by March 1st


Be Calm And Don’t Be A Jagoff! T-Shirt


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Artwork by Ron at  Mugshotz


Western PA SNPJ Button Box Club Polka CD


$2.50 for shipping

Dance your butt off to these polkas! Last Dance Polka, Eddie’s Polka, Kapetan Rimek, You’re All I Ask For Waltz, Margie’s Polka, Father and Sons Favorite Medley, Wanna Call You Sweetheart Polka, Dolini Tihi Waltz, Bartender’s Polka, Polka Memories, Soldier Boy Polka, Cakala Bom Waltz, I’m a Sailor Polka, Millie’s Polka, Poklar’s Polka, La Bella Luna Waltz, Windy City Polka, Rose Ann Polka, Penn Ohio Polka, Fantasy Waltz, Mis-Tre Polka, Jas Pa Poi Polka

Above the Fray Fries book.


A culmination of silly, stupid jagoffery stories from the blog and a few un-published stories too.


Cover designed by Ron at  Mugshotz