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YJ-Store_IrishShirtYaJagoff Journey – North Side Tour


A day on the North Side touring Bicycle Heaven, Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff and Music Museum and Randyland.  Parking is free at the tour’s start point. Transportation to Randyland will be via standard school bus.  Attendees must be able to board and disembark a school bus.

IMPORTANT: Choose a ticket AND t-shirt size THEN choose a lunch option.


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YJ-Store_IrishShirtYinzers Wear Pink (A special for the Real Men Wear Pink)


This is a special setup for Todd McCurdy who is part of the American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign for October.  Todd and staff will fulfill the orders. 100% of the money will go toward Todd’s “Real Men Wear Pink” fundraising goal.


Be Calm And Don’t Be A Jagoff! T-Shirt


(XXL and 4XL extra)

Artwork by Ron at  Mugshotz


Western PA SNPJ Button Box Club Polka CD


$2.50 for shipping

Dance your butt off to these polkas! Last Dance Polka, Eddie’s Polka, Kapetan Rimek, You’re All I Ask For Waltz, Margie’s Polka, Father and Sons Favorite Medley, Wanna Call You Sweetheart Polka, Dolini Tihi Waltz, Bartender’s Polka, Polka Memories, Soldier Boy Polka, Cakala Bom Waltz, I’m a Sailor Polka, Millie’s Polka, Poklar’s Polka, La Bella Luna Waltz, Windy City Polka, Rose Ann Polka, Penn Ohio Polka, Fantasy Waltz, Mis-Tre Polka, Jas Pa Poi Polka

Above the Fray Fries book.


A culmination of silly, stupid jagoffery stories from the blog and a few un-published stories too.


Cover designed by Ron at  Mugshotz