YaJagoff Summer Porch Tour Contest, 2017 – Presented by J & D Waterproofing

Presented by J & D Waterproofing

We are gearing up for the 2017 YaJagoff Podcast “Summer Porch Tour!”

A chance to have the YaJagoff Podcast recorded at your house on a Saturday morning this summer from 10am-11am.


We will randomly select four houses in the North, South, East and West as our winners.

We will record the YaJagoff Podcast at your house (hopefully on a porch), have our podcast guests come to your house and we’re bringing some friends and prizes!!

The specific dates of the podcasts are:

So if you enter, make sure you’re home!

July 8

July 22

August 12

August 19

Friends That We’re Bringing With Us:

ELF Entertainment is hoping to bring one of the 3 games seen below. They do have some restrictions as far as size, etc. so make sure you have a yard or some place to put it.




Ernie Ricci of Ricci’s Italian Sausage will be providing hot sausage and Mancini Bread for each podcast for 10-15 people.


 Something NEW this year: Mimosas provided by The Foundry Table & Tap

Prizes That We’re Bringing 

(Because you ain’t doin’ this to meet us!  You want something GOOD!)


Something very cool for your home from our weekly sponsor, Total Sports Enterprises


Passes for The Arcade Comedy Theater


From Fame 15 Creative

Porch’s 1-3 will get tickets to the 2nd Annual Crosstown Cookout!

Porch #4 gets Nakama Gift Card


Tasty Treats from Mary Mac Bakehouse


One Night Stay, The Allegheny Inn


Cinnamon Bread Treats from 5 Generation Bakers


From Revive Marketing Group

Passes to Pittsburgh Pierogi Fest


Passes to Scarehouse


From Acrobatique Creative

Lidia’s Pittsburgh Gift Card


The Stanley Cup (This one is a total lie)

But we will have our Total Sports Enterprises FAKE cup pic!


Send and email to John@YaJagoff.com

SUBJECT:  Porch Tour

Include your name, address, telephone number, and your choice of which ELF Entertainment Game you would like to have show up!

DISCLAIMERS (Because some people can be Jagoffs)

There is absolutely no monetary value to the podcast recording.

We will make all attempts to execute on your porch but, may have to relocate due to weather issues or extenuating circumstances.

The YaJagoff Podcast production staff will need to have access to electricity.

The ELF Entertainment Games do have some needs.  Such as:

ELF staff will require 1 hour to set up

ELF requires grass, asphalt, or pavement and the surface must be level and dry.

ELF prefers to use onsite electricity due to generator noise (one standard outlet) but will be happy to include generators  for “JUST IN CASE.”

If they cannot be met, the game may not be able to come with us.