The World is a Jagoff When I’m Sick



Wow!!!!!  I’m sick. Suddenly last night so recycling this post today… we will get the next Yakkin With Yajagoff! up tomorrow as long as this FEVER and WordPress cooperates!!!!

I would appreciate it if someone would come over and disconnect my head from  my body so that I can’t tell that I feel like James Harrison’s “Roger Goodell Voodoo Doll!”  Where’s Dr. Kevorkian when ya need him?

In the meantime, I can’t get the medicine (to make me feel better) open!!!  These damn things are “Brett Keisel Proof”  on a GOOD day and TODAY I barely have enough energy to press the PREV/CHANNEL button on the remote to flick between Ellen and Price is Right!

Could ya please package medicine in something that opens a little easier – like those crappy styrofoam take-out containers from Wholey’s??  They ALWAYS open ESPECIALLY in the trunk of my car, YA JAGOFF!!