1 Dahn Wire – Creates CHAOS!

Sometimes these blog posts are therapy for YOU and sometimes they are therapy for US!

Today is “Get it off your chest” therapy for YaJagoff Podcast co-host, Rachael Rennebeck.

Car after car paraded onto my dead end street. Then each truck, van and compact car proceeded to use my 135-foot already a pain in the a@@ driveway, because of its length, to turn around. Then guess what, the jagoffs had to go back up the street. 

All because there was a wire down on the main street that serves as a ventricle to getting onto 279, not to mention a gas station or two, and is the main street on the almighty bus route.  After waiting my district-guided 20 minutes, it was obvious that the bus wasn’t coming. No sign of it. No call from the school as a heads up, no text message from dispatch as a friendly notice; nothing. I kept looking down my street in case the yellow monster was following suit that morning and attempting to turn around in my driveway. 

 As if the jam at the end of my driveway on my typically quiet dead end street, AND the chaos on the main road where frantic new kindergarten parents paced and cursed the bus driver wasn’t enough, the school drop-off process was about to begin. Moms applying makeup while stutter driving into the designated drop-off area, and pissed off dads, not used to the route process, were beeping and making gestures while entering the crowded student dropping area. Complete chaos! All because of a wire down. One wire down caused a domino effect of traffic situations ruining a perfectly not school delayed, no ice to be aware of, day. 

The only thing that could have made the morning worse would have been the almost 100 year-old neighbor who likes to tell me about walking to school both ways in his day. Damn that next smuckers jar jagoff!